Why You Still Need Thermal Pyjamas In Spring

The recent warm weather might have got a few people out in T-shirts and shorts to enjoy the sunshine at the very start of astronomical spring, but now is not the time to abandon any ideas of buying ladies thermal pyjamas.

Firstly, as anyone who has been outdoors as the sun has set will have realised, the lack of cloud cover during the warm, sunny days has meant some very chilly nights. Moreover, it is normal for warm spring days to be followed by cold nights according to the boffins at the Met Office, because of the moderating effect of the ocean on our climate.

Secondly, the truth is that our weather is highly unpredictable at this time of year. Yes, we can have some very pleasant sunny days, especially in April, but often some cold, wet stinkers too. Sometimes these appear to have been cosmically timed to ruin the first bank holidays since New Year’s Day, as well as the start of the cricket season.

Sure enough, the weather has been taking a turn in this very direction after the March warm spell, reminding us that summer is still a long way off. Some folk can even expect snow, just in case they were at all unsure on this point.

If all that was not enough to remind people of the value of wearing something warm in bed, there is another factor - energy prices.

It is bad enough that these surged in the second half of 2021, shunting up inflation with them. What is even worse is that this inflation, far from petering out, is set to be pushed higher still as the war in Ukraine raises the global price of oil and gas.

The Energy Price Cap does give consumers some protection from this, but with April bringing a rise in this of 54 per cent (an average of £693 a year for those on standard tariffs), there will be more reason than ever to find alternatives to keeping the heating on at night.


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