One Common Pyjama Hack To Avoid To Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Summer is here, and with it comes some beautifully hot days and balmy humid nights.

For many people, this can lead to all sorts of trouble finding a comfortable way to sleep soundly without being too warm in their pyjamas.

This has led to many different ideas for ways to stay cool during the hot summer weather, but one idea in particular both sounds completely plausible but actually is exceptionally counterproductive.

Some have suggested putting your bedclothes or bedding in the fridge or freezer to cool down significantly during the day before they are taken out and put on at night, providing a theoretically very cool feeling that offsets the humid heat.

The problem with this is that it doesn’t work; freezing adds moisture, which heats up during the night, ironically leaving people more uncomfortable.

Another hack involves wearing wet socks or clothes that cause much of the same problem, warming you up and keeping you awake, causing you to sweat more and causing more uncomfortable dehydration.

One alternative is to have a lukewarm bath or shower before you go to bed, which would raise your core temperature slightly before it cools, which helps your body to feel cooler than it actually is.

As well as this, some popular tricks do work, such as putting a bowl of chilled water in front of a fan to create a cool air stream, shutting blinds and curtains to create shade, opening windows and doors and keeping hydrated.

As well as this, when choosing bedclothes and bedding, opt for materials with as low a thread count as possible, to ensure they are more breathable and thus help wick away moisture.

Materials such as bamboo fibre are also very good at moving moisture away from the body, which avoids night sweats and the deep discomfort that can provide.


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