3 Weird Habits We Developed During Lockdown

Most of us are still processing the utter strangeness of the last two years. One of the oddest things about being suddenly thrown into a new way of life was the weird habits many of us picked up during this time! Here’s a quick review of what went down, and which habits we might decide to keep.


  1. Baking sourdough bread

As the lockdown bit, the nation developed an unfathomable obsession with sourdough bread. Cue hundreds of rubbery, tasteless and misshapen loaves being guiltily ditched in the bin a few weeks later. Hobby rating: making this time consuming and finicky bread is a job for the hardcore bakers out there only.


  1. Wearing pyjamas in the daytime

For those of us who WFH during lockdown, there was often no need to wear daytime clothes. It seems that this was bad news for the men’s suit, which has been removed from the basket of goods used by the Office for National Statistics to calculate the annual inflation rate. The change was blamed on new working arrangements, The Guardian reports.

It’s good news for items of comfy sportswear, however, which have made the list due to increased sales during lockdown. Hobby rating: bring on working in your jim jams every day, we say! And why not add a touch of style with a snow leopard dressing gown to keep you warm and cosy while you work.


  1. Living room yoga

With gyms and swimming pools closed for months on end, fitness fans resorted to online workouts. This was a lifeline for many of us to keep on top of our fitness and stay supple and strong. However, it can take willpower of iron to workout in splendid isolation, when the comfy sofa and TV are so close to hand. Not to mention the extra snacks…

Hobby rating: Nothing like an in-person exercise session to keep you motivated and feeling that good old team spirit!


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